COMPETING during 10th EDINNA General Assembly

On the 14th and 15th of May 2019 the EDINNA General Assembly was held in Paris. One of the topics on the agenda was the implementation of the new EU Directive, of which the curricula of students graduating in 2022 have to comply with.

Since an important group of end-users, namely the IWT education and training institutes, participated in this meeting, the COMPETING Work package leaders gave an update about the status and recent developments. Presentations were given about the progress of the project and the developments of the quality control and quality assurance system (Column 3 and 4). Furthermore a dedicated workshop was organized about how to develop a sustainable learning management system. During this workshop all education and training institutes and other involved stakeholders shared their vision, ideas and experiences about how to use such a platform. This was translated into specific needs and criteria to be used as input for further development within COMPETING.

The ultimate goal of COMPETING is to increase labour mobility in the inland shipping sector.