COMPETING will pave the way for the introduction of competency based future proof education and training for inland navigation crew members throughout the European Union. Future certificates will be recognised throughout Europe. Sustainable solutions, automation and digitalisation as well as communication on a European level will be part of the education and training programmes. The ultimate goal of the project is to increase labour mobility in the inland shipping sector. COMPETING is a Erasmus+ project.

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  • Uniform European training record book for inland shipping

    Uniform European training record book for inland shipping


    There is a new and uniform training record book for the European inland navigation sector. The record book anticipates the European directive which prescribes competence based education and training from
    January 1st, 2022. The new European Training Record Book provides a manual for traineeships and a means for recording the competences and skills learned by new crew members.

    The development of the new handbook is part of the pan-European project COMPETING in which fifteen organisations from eight countries prepare the introduction of competence based education and training for European inland navigation. The mandatory internship period consists of a sailing period on board an inland vessel and extensive simulator training.

    The new European Training Record Book, is one of the first results of the COMPETING project. The manual, developed under the direction of the Romanian maritime training centre CERONAV in Constanta, guides incoming/new crew members on board in their practical training and is a manual for teachers and internship supervisors. Training courses and results achieved are recorded in the handbook. ‘’This training handbook is an important development in harmonising education and training in the inland navigation sector in Europe and making it future proof,’’ says project leader Liliana Martes of CERONAV.

    ‘’For the COMPETING project the development of this handbook is a milestone,’’ reacts Jan Smallegange of Rotterdam based STC Group as project manager of COMPETING. ‘’Harmonised and future proof education will contribute to not only the mobility on the European labour market, but also to more safety on the European inland waterways.’’

    ‘’For the harmonisation of all inland navigation training in the European Union an uniform training handbook is very important,’’ says president Arjen Mintjes of EDINNA, the network of European education and training organisations in inland navigation. ‘’I’m very pleased with this job done so well by our Romanian colleagues. I expect all EDINNA members will make use of this handbook.’’

    In the COMPETING project, seven competencies and the accompanying teaching materials are being worked on, both at operational and management level. These includes navigation, ship operation, cargo handling, stowage and passenger transport, maritime engineering and electrical, electronical and control engineering, maintenance and repair, communication and health, and safety and environmental protection.

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  • COMPETING gives presentation for European Social Partners

    COMPETING gives presentation for European Social Partners

    This afternoon the project COMPETING is on the agenda of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Inland Waterway Transport. We are happy to share the ambitions of COMPETING and to team up with the European Social Partners (the European Transport Workers’ Federation, European Barge Union and the European Skippers’ Organisation) to create an attractive career perspective to current and future boatmen and boatwomen.

    Click here to view the Power Point presentation. 

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  • Update on COMPETING in magazine for sustainable shipping

    Update on COMPETING in magazine for sustainable shipping

    Another nice publication about our project COMPETING. Dutch “Duurzame Scheepvaart Magazine”, dedicated to sustainable inland navigation, recently published an update on our project. 

    Duurzame Scheepvaart Magazine dec 2020


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  • Important role for COMPETING

    Important role for COMPETING

    Caroline Nagtegaal, member of the European Parliament for Renew Europe, foresees an important role for the COMPETING project in making transport more sustainable, she says in an interview published in COMPETING’s newsletter. Caroline recently joint the projects Advisory Board. “We are in the middle of a discussion about making the transport sector more sustainable. As far as I am concerned, inland shipping plays a major role in this.“

    ‘‘COMPETING will lead to harmonized training,“ states Nagtegaal. “It thus contributes to greater labour mobility. Education should focus on the skills of the future. That way, inland shipping remains an attractive employer and an interesting sector to work in.’’

    You can read COMPETING’s newsletter here

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  • COMPETING’s December newsletter is published

    COMPETING’s December newsletter is published

    There’s a new edition of COMPETING’s newsletter – it’s multilingual so pick your favorite: English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands.

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  • COMPETING in newspaper “Schuttevaer”

    COMPETING in newspaper “Schuttevaer”

    In this week’s edition of well known Dutch maritime weekly “Schuttevaer” there’s a nice article about the project COMPETING, as it is now “half way”. Project coordinator Jan Smallegange is interviewed and amongst others Jan underlines the need of harmonization of education.

    You can read the article (in Dutch) here.


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  • Exams tested on simulators

    Exams tested on simulators

    Our partner Maritieme Academie Harlingen is leading the work package on quality assurance and quality control, aiming quality management of examination. Recently model exams were tested on the state-of-the-art simulators at the newly established Maritime Academy inland waterway training & research center in Harlingen. The tests were carried out in the presence of CBR, the Dutch authority on (most) theoretical and practical exams for licenses on the road, in the air and on the waterways.

    The CCV division of the CBR is developing and maintaining all the exams for the inland shipping. At this moment the CCV is working on the adaptation of the current exams, in accordance with the new guidelines. CCV also supervises the implementation of certified courses and practical tests.

    Katja van den Beld of the CBR: “It was a very educational and fruitful test day! For us an eye-opener on how the practical exams will look like in the future. It will certainly make a contribution to professionalism.”

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  • 7th Consortium Meeting

    7th Consortium Meeting

    We’ve held our 7th consortium meeting on Tuesday November 24. Online we met with 20+ partners from all over Europe.


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  • ‘’Within Competing we learn from each other’s teaching methods’’

    ‘’Within Competing we learn from each other’s teaching methods’’

    As part of Dutch Maritime Week today (November 13th) we ‘celebrate’ the Day of the  Maritime Teacher. Toby Schouwstra (43) is a teacher in inland shipping for the Maritieme Academie in Harlingen.  

    Also voor Toby teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic is a big challenge. “Remote teaching is difficult,’’ he explains. “It’s difficult to give the right attention. Dealing with practical examples is also not easy.  We were able to teach subjects such as Communications and Regulations well through among other things, simulations on students’ computers.’’

    Toby sees keeping up with all developments in education as one of the greatest challenges. ‘’But the same goes for keeping up with developments in the industry, inland shipping,’’ he adds. ‘’A good skipper is not always a good teacher – and vice versa.’’

    According to Toby, the influx of young people who opt for inland shipping shows that there is sufficient attention for inland shipping. ‘’But young people would like to be broadly oriented in the maritime world. The Day of the Maritime Teacher is, I think, essential as a network and sharing knowledge, teaching material and teaching methods. All maritime disciplines come together on this day.’’

    Toby is familiar with the project Competing. ‘’That project is very important for inland shipping, especially when it comes to the duties of skipper and sailor,’’ continues Toby. ‘’Within Competing and is sub-projects we notice that we all have the same passion, but the  descriptions of it differ. As teachers we learn a lot from each other’s teaching methods and school levels in relation to the outflow functions.’’


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  • Update on COMPETING in “Scheepvaartkrant”

    There’s a nice update in this weeks’ edition of Dutch weekly “Scheepvaartkrant”. Our project manager Jan Smallegange was interviewed for this article.

    Scheepvaartkrant 11 november 2020

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  • Skipper Patrick Hermans full of praise for COMPETING

    Skipper Patrick Hermans full of praise for COMPETING

    In his work, the Belgium independent inland shipping entrepreneur Patrick Hermans is daily confronted with the difference between required competences and training offered. Because of his role in the Belgium inland shipping sector, he is familiar with the COMPETING project, although he is not directly involved in training himself.

    But, Patrick knows, ‘’courses are fundamentally different from each other. The sector also believe that these training courses do not sufficiently match the required competences.’’ Patrick Hermans As a shipowner, it is also difficult for Hermans to find well-trained employees. ‘’There is a shortage of Belgian and even Dutch people with the right skills,’’ he explains. ‘’I recently switched to hiring employees with a different nationality. I’m very satisfied with that so far. However, that does not mean that as an entrepreneur I will not help the training courses in my own region, for example by offering internships and workplaces. On the contrary.’’

    Hermans thinks it’s a good thing that employers and employees’ organizations, industry associations and educational institutions are working on making training courses for European inland shipping unambiguously and futureproof. ‘’The COMPETING project is a good development,’’ he says. ‘’And it would be even better if an  nambiguously social status was also introduced for all employees in inland shipping. Such a status could end unfair competition and the price war in the industry.’’

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  • COMPETING presented to UN’s Economic Commission for Europe

    COMPETING presented to UN’s Economic Commission for Europe

    This afternoon we’ve given an update of  our project COMPETING for the United Nations’ Economic Commission for Europe. Over 30 people, from EU countries and non-EU countries like Belarus and Russia,  attended the online presentation by our project coordinator Jan Smallegange.


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  • COMPETING part of e-learning for inland navigation captains Ukraine

    COMPETING part of e-learning for inland navigation captains Ukraine

    An outline and explanation of the COMPETING project will be part of an e-learning course for inland navigation captains from the Ukraine. Yesterday the recording took place. We are proud to be a part of this!

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  • Available now: newsletter July 2020

    Available now: newsletter July 2020

    The third COMPETING newsletter is here! With the latest developments of the project that aims to reach a future-oriented EU-wide education system for inland navigation. We kindly ask your attention for the interview with special guest Jörg Rusche from CESNI.

    Download newsletters

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  • Digital consortium meeting number 2

    Digital consortium meeting number 2

    On 13 May the COMPETING consortium did get together again in a digital meeting. Still working strong on the European harmonisation of inland navigation education. 

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  • Follow COMPETING on Linkedin!

    Follow COMPETING on Linkedin!

    As from now on COMPETING will share updates on LinkedIn about the progress and deliverables of this three-year project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. 

    Follow our LinkedIn Company page! 

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  • Digital consortium meeting

    Digital consortium meeting

    On 17 March the COMPETING consortium did get together via Skype. Luckily nowadays there are plenty of opportunities to meet online! Initially the consortium would get together in Slovakia this week but decided not to due to the corona virus. Still working strong on the European harmonisation of inland navigation education. 

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  • Consortium meeting Romania

    Consortium meeting Romania

    On 29 and 30 October a consortium meeting takes place in Galati, Romania.

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  • COMPETING during 10th EDINNA General Assembly

    COMPETING during 10th EDINNA General Assembly

    On the 14th and 15th of May 2019 the EDINNA General Assembly was held in Paris. One of the topics on the agenda was the implementation of the new EU Directive, of which the curricula of students graduating in 2022 have to comply with.

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  • Subscribe for our newsletter!

    Subscribe for our newsletter!

    In April we will spread the first COMETING newsletter. In this newsletter we will keep you updated about all the activities related to the project.

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  • Column from Edinna

    Column from Edinna

    Developing and enforcing a new European directive is a long-term process in itself, implementing and putting it into practice is a comprehensive follow-up activity.

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  • COMPETING Kick-off

    COMPETING Kick-off

    On Thursday the 31st of January the kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliance project COMPETING was held at STC in Rotterdam.

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The ultimate goal of COMPETING is to increase labour mobility in the inland shipping sector.