COMPETING paved the way for the introduction of competency based future-proof education and training for inland navigation crew members throughout the European Union. The project developed curricula and lesson materials, as well as a Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) system, to ensure the highest level of quality concerning the implementation of future proof IWT (Inland Waterway Transport) education and training throughout the EU. All deliverables can be found under ‘downloads‘. The duration of COMPETING was from the 1st of January 2019 until the 30st June 2022. There were fifteen partners participating in this project.

The COMPETING consortium consisted of different categories of stakeholders. Firstly IWT education and training institutes, which had to modify their lesson programmes towards a European wide competency-based recognised education and training programme. Secondly the Social partners (employers and unions) representing the industry and crew members working in the industry. Finally the competent authorities and umbrella organisations as well as members of the Advisory Board.

All key stakeholders cooperated on European level to develop a European wide recognised and modern curriculum for IWT, in combination with lesson materials as well as a Quality Assurance /Quality Control system (QA/QC). These achievements lead to the implementation of EU legislation, resulting in a comparable system for recognition of educational programmes and properly qualified crew with the possession of a Union certificate.

Future certificates will be recognised throughout Europe. Sustainable solutions, automation and digitalisation as well as communication on a European level will be part of the education and training programmes. The ultimate goal of the project was to increase labour mobility in the inland shipping sector. COMPETING was a Erasmus+ project.