Now available for download: uniform European Training Record Book for inland shipping

We have great news for all inland waterway navigation schools and training institutes: the uniform training record book for the European inland navigation sector is now available for download!

The European Training Record Book is designed is such a way that students and supervisors can easily work with it. There are two versions available, one on operational level and one on management level. The file type is PDF and the document contains ample adjustable input fields and check off lists.

The record book anticipates the European directive which prescribes competence based education and training from January 1st, 2022. The new European Training Record Book provides a manual for trainee-ships and a means for recording the competences and skills learned by new crew members.

In the COMPETING project, seven competencies and the accompanying teaching materials are being worked on, both at operational and management level. These include navigation, ship operation, cargo handling, stowage and passenger transport, maritime engineering and electrical, electronical and control engineering, maintenance and repair, communication and health, and safety and environmental protection. The teaching materials will made available later this year. We will keep you informed on all developments.