CERONAV provides the theoretical and practical training of maritime, inland waterway, port and offshore personnel in accordance with national legislation, international regulations and training standards set by the various accreditation / recognition bodies.

The University of Craiova (Romanian: Universitatea din Craiova) is a public university located in Craiova, Romania. It was founded in 1947, initially with four institutes, in the Palace of Justice of Craiova. It is the largest university in the historical Oltenia province of Romania. It was the last university established in the Kingdom of Romania. It was the fifth university in Romania officially approved by the Ministerial Council of the Socialist Republic of Romania in 1965, with seven faculties: Mathematics, Philology, Electrotechnics, Agriculture, Horticulture, Chemistry and Economics. The university is a member of the European University Association. It currently includes a total of 16 faculties and two colleges for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.


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STC Group is a worldwide operating educational and research institution for the shipping, logistics, transport and process industries. In the public domain STC Group offers preparatory vocational education (vmbo), senior secondary vocational education (mbo) and higher professional education (hbo) under the Dutch system. In the private domain it offers accredited master’s-level courses (fulltime and part time), business courses, training and consultancy.

Philosophy of education While hearing and seeing leads to fleeting, temporary knowledge, doing and experiencing is what makes the difference in acquiring the right skills. STC Group is convinced that this approach works best. Students are only properly trained once they have attained the right combination of knowledge, skills and appropriate behaviour. This applies both to younger employees who are just starting out in their careers and to experienced workers looking to maintain their professional knowledge or advance their careers. STC Group therefore offers both knowledge transfer in the form of classes and coursework and a stimulating practical and simulation environment in which participants and students are given the opportunity to acquire substantial relevant experience.

International activities Rather than limiting its scope to the Netherlands and Europe, STC Group actively shares its knowledge and experience with others all over the world. Our global network enables us to contribute significantly to the global labour market for transport in all its facets.

The Maritime Academy provides education for all navigation areas (inland navigation, coastal navigation, maritime navigation) and logistical port activities. It covers a range of professions, from skipper to ship engineer, from sailor to captain, and from port operations staff to port, transport, and logistics manager. With a seamless transition between different levels in preparatory, secondary, and higher vocational education.

About EDINNA (deze tekst kan naast het logo als je de logo’s van de partners onder elkaar zet met een omschrijving ernaast): EDINNA is the educational network of inland waterway navigation schools and training institutes. The EDINNA association recognizes that all members use the same European waterway system and have a different background in various educational systems in Europe. It is the aim of EDINNA to come to a more structured cooperation and to establish a harmonized education, training and certification system for inland waterway personnel in order to ensure high quality of trained staff on board the vessels.

Erasmus+ is het EU-programma voor onderwijs, opleiding, jeugd en sport in EuropaHet beschikt over een geraamde begroting van 26,2 miljard euro. Dit is bijna het dubbele van de financiering voor het voorgaande programma (2014-2020). Het programma 2021-2027 legt sterk de nadruk op sociale inclusie, de groene en de digitale transitie en de bevordering van de participatie van jongeren in het democratische leven. Het ondersteunt de prioriteiten en activiteiten die zijn beschreven in de Europese onderwijsruimte, het actieplan voor digitaal onderwijs en de Europese vaardighedenagenda. Bovendien ondersteunt het programma de Europese pijler van sociale rechten voert het de EU-jongerenstrategie 2019-2027 uit ontwikkelt het de Europese dimensie van de sport